October 21st, 2013

I just noticed that it has been almost a year since the last BLOG post! Sorry to have been so neglectful at this but we have had a terrificly busy year for Southern Gospel concerts. But no excuses :) Thank You God! We hosted quite a few Love Offering concerts starting off in January with Ed O'Neil and the Dixie Melody Boys, who by the way if you haven't noticed yet will be with us again in 2014. Then in February The Crist Family joined us for the fourth year in a row and they will also be returning in February 2014. March we had The Tribute Quartet, one of my favorites, and then in May began the ticketed concerts sponsored by IMC concerts. Enjoy working with Mr. Landon Beene. He has been a great mentor to me. He brought us The Collingworth Family in May and The Hoppers in July. In August we were able to host The Nelons. Amber has just signed a solo contract with Daywind and we will be anxious to see what her new CD will be like. She has such a sweet, strong voice. Now this doesn't mean she will not be singing with The Nelons, just that she will be doing some solo dates and solo recordings. And she has gotten engaged this year and will be getting married. September we were able to host The Needhams and then coming in December, on the 6th, will be the highlight concert of the year. The Booth Brothers, Legacy Five and Greater Vision will be bringing their Jubilee Christmas Concert to New Hope Community Church! There are still a lot of tickets left but I wouldn't wait too long if I were you if you have not purchased your tickets yet because I believe this one will be a sellout. Half of the Artist Circle tickets are gone and the General Admission tickets that are left will start selling fast from now until the first of December. This will be a don't miss, one of a kind concert that does not come our way too often. Looking at 2014 once again, The Dixie Melody Boys in on January 11th and The Crist Family on February 15th will both be held at a new venue. Grand View Baptist Church is a beautiful facility and very easy to get to. Coming from either direction on I-205 towards Oregon City you will get off at Hwy. 213 and just follow it for a few miles and the church is on the left. You can't miss it, looking forward to the December Christmas special concert and to 2014 praying that it will be just as filled with Southern Gospel Music as 2013 is. Blessings to you all from

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