April 16th, 2013

Well, one more week and we leave for The Great Western Fanfest in Visalia California. The line up this year, like every year, is more than terrific! We are excited this year especially because one of the best Southern Gospel groups around today are going to be headed our way after the Fanfest. The Collingsworth Family is one of my personal favorites and I get to host them this year at Vancouver Church of God on May 3rd. Don't miss this group because I promise you will not be disappointed in what you see and hear. You will also get your fill of instrumentals in this one. Phil Collingsworth plays the trumpet, Kim Collingsworth is stupendous on the piano and Brooklyn and Courtney thrill us with their fiddle playing! Look for us at possibly the best concert of the year on May 3rd at 7pm. If you don't have tickets, get them now!

A lot has been happening in Southern Gospel so far this year. Tracy Stuffle of The Perry's has been in the hospital over 60 days with a stroke. The latest reports are encouraging but he has a long way to go. Keep praying for him and Libbi, they are a great couple and have been faithful in their ministry for many years. They have a lot of prayers going out for them and a lot of groups got together recently and had a benefit concert to help his medical expenses. Check his progress at this website:

Some of the most exciting news in Southern Gospel is the announcement of The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision and Legacy Five from IMC concerts about the Jubilee Christmas Concert coming to the West Coast. The Portland Oregon date will be announced soon, if it hasn't already by the time this is posted. But it will be sometime the first week of December and it will be great. Not only will you be able to see and hear each group individually but the last part of the concert will have all three groups on stage at the same time. Promises to be very interesting, especially with the antics of Scott Fowler, Gerald Wolfe and Michael Booth. This is one date I can hardly wait for . You will be able to get your tickets without a service fee from:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for not only buying tickets to the IMC concert ticketed concerts but being so faithful in your giving to the offerings at the non-ticketed concerts. The groups have been blessed by your generosity and as long as they can they will keep traveling all the way West to our area to be a blessing to us. They have wanted me to pass along their thanks to you also. It is so nice to have such quality groups come here and bless us. It is nice to have groups such as The Crist Family, Ed O'Neil and The Dixie Melody Boys, The Tribute Quartet, Beyond The Ashes and The Nelons to ask to come back each year because of the great response of the audience. It is quite unusual for groups of this quality to come all of this way on a faith offering basis. Thank you again for being so faithful

Until the next concert, and the next BLOG, Blessing to you and look for us at the table at the next concert and be sure and say hello! Oh, and also if you are on FACEBOOK please be sure and LIKE our page, we need more likes. You will find more Southern Gospel information there, and updates!

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